The idea of having a summer wedding is simply fabulous. Instead of an indoor wedding, you could have one outdoors in the garden, on a beach and other such places. Nothing looks as wonderful as an outdoor wedding set in a beautiful garden offset against pristine blue sky.

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English Garden Colourful Flower Earrings

You could have an all-white flower decoration or have a combination of white and beautiful pastel shades of pink, yellow and lilac flowers. On the other hand you might prefer to go for fragrant flowers in vibrant colours like red, orange, hot pink and so on, the sky is the limit. On a more personal level, your wedding outfit, jewellery and footwear are just as important.

Here are some ideas of how to make your wedding a memorable event:

Ditch Heavy Fabrics

Heavy full length meringue dresses while traditional can turn out to be quite cumbersome. Opting for a lighter, airy and feminine summer wedding outfit can be just as beautiful and more comfortable. Be it a knees length figure skimming flowery dress in the lightest of fabrics or something long and flowing made out of lovely sheer fabric, you can look just as girly as someone in a full meringue wedding dress.

Go for Unique Handmade Wedding Jewellery

Stand out more on your special day through your choice of bridal jewelry. Statement wedding necklaces; colourful and sophisticated are the latest fashion trend, they can go a long way in setting you apart from every other bride. Also, make your to match the necklace complimentary bridal earrings.

The introduction of colours and more flamboyant designs to wedding jewellery acts as the antidote to the traditional strand of the nice but boring pearls!

Footwear: Where Beauty Meets Comfort

A gorgeous pair of shoes that induces tears in the eyes of the wearer within minutes is probably not the best choice for a wedding ceremony that is going to last for hours. Remember this, while Cinderella’s glass shoes looked great in the story books, she never did manage to keep them on for long! You need to balance the excitement of planning your wedding outfit and accessories with a dose of common sense.

If the wedding fashion shoes you’ll be wearing on your special day are tight and wince inducing, you can look forward to a day of extreme discomfort and pain. To avoid this or at least make things tolerable, you can try breaking the shoes in by wearing them for say 15 minutes every day for 2 – 4 weeks to your wedding day.

With everything to do with the outfit and wedding fashion accessories for your summer wedding resolved, you can relax knowing that’s one big part of your check list ticked off in anticipation of the best day of your life. And yes, while you might not be Cinderella, you can certainly have your very own fairy tale wedding!