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Vintage inspired jewelry is here, old is in, new is out!
After years of mass produced, common place fashion jewelry, the glamour of bygone eras is now the order of the day. Accessorizing has come full circle and now it’s vintage fashion accessories and trinkets that add pizzazz and style to any outfit.

These days, vintage jewelry trends are emerging and as a force to be reckoned with. More women are finding that accessorizing with art deco jewelry and other forms of retro jewellery is a great way to make a fashion statement and stand out among the crowd.  Moreover, most fans of vintage fashion and timeless glamour have their own style and preference when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry.

Colorful Peacock Feather Photo Necklace

So, here a question for you, do you like to stand out and command attention through your dressing? Regardless of whether the look you’re trying to create is a subtle or bold one, the art of selecting the right jewelry and accessories to go with an outfit or look is one well worth cultivating.

One of the easiest ways to learn to properly accessorize with jewelry is through good body grooming. Nicely manicured hands to display gorgeous handmade rings, up swept hair to show off the beauty of a pair of vintage drop earrings, are simple and very effective ways to show off your jewelry with very little effort.

Another good way to learn how to properly accessorize is with the help of the ever reliable LBD (Little black dress).  Keep the dress simple and stylish and let the jewelry you’re wearing do the talking. The perfect vintage inspired jewelry, be it a lovely piece of personalized locket necklace draped around the neck, a pair of vintage photo earrings or just a Victorian style brooch might just be all you need to really make a fashion statement.

Ultimately, just remember that less is almost always more!
Don’t overdo the accessorizing with jewelry factor. Keep things simple and classy. If you have beautiful vintage inspired jewelry, show them off! Put them in a place where they will be noticed and admired, on you!

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