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Okay, so you want a beautiful wedding and you want it on a low budget? At first, the idea may seem a bit impractical but with careful consideration, you could have a wedding to remember.
Here are a few effective tips for a Last Minute Wedding on a Budget.

Wedding dress

High price tags and popular designer label brands does not equal a beautiful wedding dress. Due to media exposure, expensive marketing campaigns, high end designer wedding dresses are very visible. With extensive coverage in fashion magazines,  on the TV, fashion shows and links to celebrities.

There are plenty of talented but not so well known independent designers out there that can create a wedding dress for you that is on par with if not better than those from well known top designer. You can also pick out wonderful dresses from good vintage/second hand  shops both on-line and in bricks and mortar stores.

Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to wedding jewellery, you don’t have to follow the crowd. Instead of buying wedding jewellery from rip off expensive big brands or cheap conveyer belt mass produced jewellery, you can opt for quality Handmade jewellery. There are talented jewellery designers that create gorgeous limited edition jewellery,  as well as custom designs of bridal necklaces, bridesmaids earrings, wedding earrings etc.


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