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Jewellery is still one of the hottest fashion items. The right jewellery can make any outfit for most women, even if it’s just some form of bracelet jewellery, rings, necklace or the combination of all. Not to be left out, even most men will wear at least one piece of jewellery, be it a watch, wedding band or cuff links. ring to a watch.

So how do we go about choosing what jewellery to wear? In most situations it basically comes down to personal taste and how we believe others will perceive us. Gold used to be the most popular form of jewellery for women, but over the years has given way to silver as the most popular and and other types of metals too on a smaller scale. Silver earrings are by far the most popular, followed by silver necklace, ring and then bracelet.

Jewellery allows a person to personalise their appearance, be it in a subtle manner or as a bold statement. A piece of jewellery can be kept simple or customised to make a bold statement.
A charm bracelet is a prime example of this, the wearer can customise it to express their individuality by adding a few or many charms or beads to it to achieve a certain look or style.

However not everyone stops there, A fun and exciting summer jewellery fashion trend can be put together by combining different types of colourful bangles to create attention and establish a particular style. In such cases, silver bracelets might be combined with copper, gold, acrylic or enamel bangles to create a more noticeable appearance.

Beautiful necklaces are also great for setting fashion trends. Necklaces come in thousands of styles and designs, they are the perfect jewellery to emphasise and beautify the neck area so its not surprising the power they wield in establishing fashion styles season to season. Be it a statement beaded necklace, delicate gold necklace, or a gemstone necklace, there are endless styles and designs out there to appeal to all taste and price range.

Rings are also wonderful for distinguishing fashion trends through different seasons. In the summer the appearance of big and colourful rings are more noticeable. There is a bold element to the types of rings worn by women. With sun drenched days come the boldness to wear rings sporting colourful gems, cabochons, flowers, beads etc. Cocktail style rings are not only reserved for evenings anymore, there are countless colours and style to match every summer outfit.

Dressing for summer no longer feature any rigid rules, style choice possibilities are endless. Does your taste lean toward fine jewellery, bohemian jewellery or just the standard fashion jewellery that remain popular all their forms and styles year in, year out. The fashion rules p books have virtually gone out the window, fashion has become fluid and transient with blurred lines in all matters concerning looking good, knowing the best fashion accessories to get and combining them in the best ways to suit you.

So, no matter the season, wear your summer earrings, colourful necklaces, charm bracelet, rings and more with joy and laughter; life’s for living!

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