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People who are content with the way they look and confident with their sense of style are generally happier than those who are not. So the way you dress and present yourself can be very important.

If you fit into this category and have established your own personal style, deciding the right outfit and look for each day can still be difficult. Even if you mix up the outfits in your wardrobe in different combinations to achieve different looks, this too can become boring after a while.

300x250 SheaMoisture

As a result, finding other ways to look good is  worth exploring. One of the best ways to change up your looks with the right accessories.

The right pieces of elegant handmade jewellery can make all of the difference in your appearance, transforming you from casual to sophisticated in no time. Click here to see gorgeous jewellery that can quickly transform your appearance from casual to smart at any given time.

Handmade jewellery are usually very well made, with the kind of attention to detail that is often missing in the mass produced generic jewellery that are commonly available on the accessories market. Moreover, if you’re the type that appreciates elegance and quality and prefer not to look like everyone else in the street, this should be right up your street. You can easily stand out stylishly by accessorising with the right jewellery.

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Do you have a closet full to the brim, but still have problems deciding what to wear? Or maybe you know that you need to expand your collection of accessories, but you do not know how or where to begin.

To stay stylish, you need to understand the best ways to accessorise, when to and wha works in different seasons and time of the day. Here are a pointers to help you become an expert at accessorising:

More Than One Way to Accessorise

Ever wondered how some women always look fashionably put together any time you see them? At the same time there are other women absolutely hopeless and unaware of the many ways to accessorise and add that extra bit of style to their appearances.
When it comes down to the basics, it’s essential that you understand that accessorising is an art form and you are the artist. Every artist needs to let go in order allow creativity to flow.

Learning to accessorise can be a really fun process, you should experiment and try out different combinations of accessories with fashion of all seasons. Start by exploring spring outfits fashion trends, summer style trends and winter fashion trends as the foundation to build on and everything else can be woven around these main three seasons.

You should try to combine your outfits and accessories in different ways and don’t stick to a rigid routine. By so doing, not only will you look different every time, you will also be able to stretch your wardrobe content further.

Accessorising with Shoes and Bags

It’s amazing how matching an outfit with shoes and handbag that compliments it can take your appearance from pleasant to stunning at the blink of an eye. This does not mean you should blow all your money on pricey shoes and bags; you can get quality medium priced brands as your main collection and a few high end items to mix things up, get this right and the plainest of outfits can go from mediocre to fashionable very fast.

It’s Also About Your Jewellery

The right piece of jewellery can make all the difference to your appearance, what’s more your jewellery does not have to be expensive. It’s worth investing in a few stylish quality jewellery that are versatile so you can use them as much as you want.

I love that even if you are wearing the plainest of outfits the accompanying stylish jewellery you use can change the plain to very chic. Below are some sample jewellery of hoe to add style and sophistication to to your spring fashion, summer fashion and autumn/winter fashion. You can wear the earrings or necklaces on their own and also mix and match as you want no matter the season.

All Seasons Mix and Match Jewellery

All Seasons Mix and Match Jewellery

Play Around with Colours

Colours can add life and razzmatazz to your appearance but can also turn you into a peacock and complete eye sore if not carefully combined. For instance, dressing from head to toe in a rainbow of colours to a formal event will most likely turn you into a Sally no friends real quick.

On the other end, dressed all black can turn you into a wall flower; overlooked in every roomful of people. So dressing in a way where the colours you wear are carefully combined (up to 4 complimentary colour hues)you can carefully jazz things up.

Everyone have their own style, and it is up to you to find yours. Have fun as you try out different looks and don’t be afraid to experiment. While it’s true that not everything you try will be amazing, you will eventually find a style that suits you and make you stand out in the crowd.

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Shopping for Christmas presents can be one of the most stressful activities you will ever experience. Buying gifts for children can be easy enough, all you need do is get the most recent game console for boys or the latest most have accessory for girls and they will be in heaven! Adults on the other hand, in particular women can be a challenge to buy Christmas presents for. The pressures of planning; deciding what to cook, finding the perfect gift for everyone to managing the money set aside for Christmas shopping can be extremely stressful.

However, things don’t always have to be this way. There are many ways to make Christmas shopping as hassle and stress free as possible. If you are one of the Christmas shoppers who dread going out to buy presents, here are a few tips and Christmas gifts ideas to make your shopping experience a whole lot easier.

Prepare a streamlined shopping list
Have a shopping list with the names of everyone you are buying from, write down how much you’ve decided to spend on each person and 2 items that you think they would like and don’t go outside of that list.

Buy in Sales
Buy the gift ahead of time during sales so that you don’t steamrollered into the manic shopping fever that seems to descend on people every year the closer we get to Christmas.

Handmade Statement Jewellery

Handmade Statement Jewellery

Buy On line
You can buy cool Christmas gifts on line rather than the endless trawling of malls and department stores most people get bogged down with. There are tons of gifts such as handmade jewellery for women, pretty fashion accessories for teenage girls, home beer brew kit for men etc. However, it’s worth keeping it in mind when buying for women that you can never go wrong with jewellery, so you can play safe there. One of the best kinds of Christmas gifts that you can buy for women is gemstone jewellery, these always go down well.

Make your own gifts
Creating handmade one of a kind personalized handmade perfumes for your loved ones is an also an amazing idea. You can make your own perfumes for people based on the type of fragrances they like. That should go down well. Click here to see how to make perfume from the comfort of your home:

Tis the season to be merry, Christmas should be a fun and happy time, don’t let stress weigh you down and kill your joy. Merry Christmas!!!

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Yes it’s a fact, Christmas is almost upon us!  Are you dashing around in a last minute panic, wondering what Christmas presents ideas would make good Christmas gifts for mom? Maybe your own challenge is knowing what would be the ideal special gift for girlfriends, wives and female relations? It appears that no matter how much time is set aside to buy, the time is never enough!

Gilchrist Soames

December is always a busy month, most companies are busy winding down their year long activities and planning for the coming year. As a result, there’s a lot of demand on our time, both at home and at work. This means that getting the work life balance ratio right during the festive season is near impossible. The stress of buying presents for family, friends and work colleagues can really take its toll.

A good way to limit the stress in your life at Christmas time is to streamline your shopping and perhaps focus on a particular type of gift to buy for your loved ones each year. For instance, this year, you can choose to only buy fashion accessories for everyone. Jewelry is a particularly wise choice because everyone loves to receive gifts that they will be able to enjoy for a good length of time.

Timeless jewellery and fashion accessories are always very popular with women, however, you don’t need to break the bank or buy anything ridiculously expensive. Vintage inspired, handmade retro jewellery can be easily sourced at great prices for the wonderful women in your life, and for the men, handmade cuff links or tie clips would do nicely. Fashionable and unique handcrafted jewellery presents always appeal to both sexes, especially women, no matter what time of the year.

Lastly, still in keeping with the theme of only buying fashion accessories for everyone, you can focus on practical items like scarves, winter hats or warm gloves when buying gifts for children and young adults. To make it extra special, you can buy their presents already personalized with their names or initials. Alternatively, if you don’t mind doing a bit of DIY, you can buy some of those iron-on personalized initials or name labels and stick them on the items yourself.

Christmas doesn’t need to be a time of stress or a shopping nightmare. Here are some jewelry for women handmade to high specification, these stunning designs will put a smile on any women’s face!

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Get “Decked Out” this Holiday Season

It’s Time to Glam it Up

The Holiday season is officially upon us. Decking the halls, trimming the tree, etc., and with that come the endless list of invitations to various gatherings, get togethers and parties that range from black tie formal to business casual, to loose and comfortable. More often than not, however, this is the time of year where people really want a reason to glam it up, dress to the nines, get gussied up and bling it out, so here are a few fashion tips if your invite list happens to include a few Glam Christmas parties. Tis the season, after all!

It’s all about the Outfit

One of the first things you have to find if you’ve been invited to the “holiday bash of the year” is the perfect outfit. Whether you want to get all decked out in a classic LBD, complete with strappy stilettos, upswept hair, glittery diamond stud earrings all wrapped around lightly perfumed skin, or decide to downplay it with a demure pair of winter white slacks with a cream, gold flecked cashmere sweater with a pop of color in a piece of statement jewelry, the clothes will tell your story. The stores are literally brimming over with holiday outfits, so find something that is not just appropriate for the occasion, but is also a true reflection of your personality.

Hair and Makeup Matter

Next comes hair and makeup. This is the time of year where you should go all out, but not the time to experiment with a new cut, style or color. For easy glam, you can have hairpieces or extensions added, or try a pop of color. Nothing makes a more polished statement than a classic chignon or French twist when it comes to attending a glam Christmas party. If you want some pizazz, add some glitter (but go easy.)


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Up to 75% Off

During the cold winter months the skin and hair can really suffer from the effects of low temperature and biting chill. Here are a few beauty’s tips that will keep you looking good regardless of how bad the weather gets.

Skin Hydration
The cold weather can make the skin very dehydrated. This can result in dull dead skin and erase any leftover summer glow you might still have. One of ways to stop this from happening is to drink plenty of water for hydration. Getting enough water into your body will cleanse your system and hydrate your skin.

Reduce Very Hot Showers/Baths
Hot showers might be pampering and enjoyable, but too many of them can really dry out your skin. So yes, do have hot showers of baths but don’t over do it.

Moisturise Well
After showering or having a bath, try to start your day by moisturising your entire body with a good quality, non greasy lotion. Nourish your skin daily to retain a fresh and dewy look; your moisturiser should be your best friend.

Good Hair Care
During the winter, the hair can often become lank, lifeless, dry or very frizzy. Dry hair can result in frizziness that can make it impossible to manage. Good quality shampoo and conditioner will make your hair easier to manage and give your locks a healthy shine during the cool winter months.

Good Diet
The term you are what you eat is never truer than during the winter. Hot bowls of delicious vegetable soups and Omega 3 rich fish like salmon will do your body a lot of good.

Ultimately, there’s no time better than the present to look after your body. Winters should be enjoyed and not dreaded. So, embrace every season of the year with pleasure and have a blast doing the things you love.

Elegant Jewellery for Every Occasion

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A “Winter Wonderland” of a Wardrobe

Fashion is an All Season Affair

When it comes to fashion, any season is the “in season.” Whether it’s easy, breezy summer dresses, tweeds and flannels to tie together an autumn look, stylish springtime sling backs and skirts, or a winter wonderland of white, fashion is what makes a statement about who you are and reflects your personal style and personality.

Stay Warm Without Losing Your Fashion Cool

Since winter is upon us, the focus is on how we can look glam but still withstand the elements without suffering from hyperthermia at the expense of looking fabulous. To make sure you always look good, fashion designers and clothing artisans are forever ready and waiting with a rich palette of colors, clothing and fashion accessories that will make you look fabulous regardless of what the thermometer says outside.

Winter White is Always “In”

For starters, while “white” is “out” after Labor Day, winter white, on the other hand, is definitely “in.” Colors range from cream and ivory to off whites and buffs. Nothing beats a pair of winter white slacks paired with a soft, pastel sweater, or try something with color to really make it pop.

Pencil skirts in muted greys, tweeds, tans and browns belted with scarves, decorative chain link belts or classic leather belts will brighten up even the dreariest day. Don’t be afraid to use a bold accent piece such as a chunky necklace or bracelet. Let your fashion philosophy be, less is more. In the wise words of fashion icon Coco Chanel, “look at yourself in the mirror with all of your jewelry, then take one piece off” for a look that makes an understated, yet classic, statement.


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Jewellery is still one of the hottest fashion items. The right jewellery can make any outfit for most women, even if it’s just some form of bracelet jewellery, rings, necklace or the combination of all. Not to be left out, even most men will wear at least one piece of jewellery, be it a watch, wedding band or cuff links. ring to a watch.

So how do we go about choosing what jewellery to wear? In most situations it basically comes down to personal taste and how we believe others will perceive us. Gold used to be the most popular form of jewellery for women, but over the years has given way to silver as the most popular and and other types of metals too on a smaller scale. Silver earrings are by far the most popular, followed by silver necklace, ring and then bracelet.

Jewellery allows a person to personalise their appearance, be it in a subtle manner or as a bold statement. A piece of jewellery can be kept simple or customised to make a bold statement.
A charm bracelet is a prime example of this, the wearer can customise it to express their individuality by adding a few or many charms or beads to it to achieve a certain look or style.

However not everyone stops there, A fun and exciting summer jewellery fashion trend can be put together by combining different types of colourful bangles to create attention and establish a particular style. In such cases, silver bracelets might be combined with copper, gold, acrylic or enamel bangles to create a more noticeable appearance.

Beautiful necklaces are also great for setting fashion trends. Necklaces come in thousands of styles and designs, they are the perfect jewellery to emphasise and beautify the neck area so its not surprising the power they wield in establishing fashion styles season to season. Be it a statement beaded necklace, delicate gold necklace, or a gemstone necklace, there are endless styles and designs out there to appeal to all taste and price range.

Rings are also wonderful for distinguishing fashion trends through different seasons. In the summer the appearance of big and colourful rings are more noticeable. There is a bold element to the types of rings worn by women. With sun drenched days come the boldness to wear rings sporting colourful gems, cabochons, flowers, beads etc. Cocktail style rings are not only reserved for evenings anymore, there are countless colours and style to match every summer outfit.

Dressing for summer no longer feature any rigid rules, style choice possibilities are endless. Does your taste lean toward fine jewellery, bohemian jewellery or just the standard fashion jewellery that remain popular all their forms and styles year in, year out. The fashion rules p books have virtually gone out the window, fashion has become fluid and transient with blurred lines in all matters concerning looking good, knowing the best fashion accessories to get and combining them in the best ways to suit you.

So, no matter the season, wear your summer earrings, colourful necklaces, charm bracelet, rings and more with joy and laughter; life’s for living!

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Okay, so you want a beautiful wedding and you want it on a low budget? At first, the idea may seem a bit impractical but with careful consideration, you could have a wedding to remember.
Here are a few effective tips for a Last Minute Wedding on a Budget.

Wedding dress

High price tags and popular designer label brands does not equal a beautiful wedding dress. Due to media exposure, expensive marketing campaigns, high end designer wedding dresses are very visible. With extensive coverage in fashion magazines,  on the TV, fashion shows and links to celebrities.

There are plenty of talented but not so well known independent designers out there that can create a wedding dress for you that is on par with if not better than those from well known top designer. You can also pick out wonderful dresses from good vintage/second hand  shops both on-line and in bricks and mortar stores.

Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to wedding jewellery, you don’t have to follow the crowd. Instead of buying wedding jewellery from rip off expensive big brands or cheap conveyer belt mass produced jewellery, you can opt for quality Handmade jewellery. There are talented jewellery designers that create gorgeous limited edition jewellery,  as well as custom designs of bridal necklaces, bridesmaids earrings, wedding earrings etc.


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The idea of having a summer wedding is simply fabulous. Instead of an indoor wedding, you could have one outdoors in the garden, on a beach and other such places. Nothing looks as wonderful as an outdoor wedding set in a beautiful garden offset against pristine blue sky.

Large and small chrysanthemum dangle earrings

English Garden Colourful Flower Earrings

You could have an all-white flower decoration or have a combination of white and beautiful pastel shades of pink, yellow and lilac flowers. On the other hand you might prefer to go for fragrant flowers in vibrant colours like red, orange, hot pink and so on, the sky is the limit. On a more personal level, your wedding outfit, jewellery and footwear are just as important.

Here are some ideas of how to make your wedding a memorable event:

Ditch Heavy Fabrics

Heavy full length meringue dresses while traditional can turn out to be quite cumbersome. Opting for a lighter, airy and feminine summer wedding outfit can be just as beautiful and more comfortable. Be it a knees length figure skimming flowery dress in the lightest of fabrics or something long and flowing made out of lovely sheer fabric, you can look just as girly as someone in a full meringue wedding dress.

Go for Unique Handmade Wedding Jewellery

Stand out more on your special day through your choice of bridal jewelry. Statement wedding necklaces; colourful and sophisticated are the latest fashion trend, they can go a long way in setting you apart from every other bride. Also, make your to match the necklace complimentary bridal earrings.

The introduction of colours and more flamboyant designs to wedding jewellery acts as the antidote to the traditional strand of the nice but boring pearls!


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