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During the cold winter months the skin and hair can really suffer from the effects of low temperature and biting chill. Here are a few beauty’s tips that will keep you looking good regardless of how bad the weather gets.

Skin Hydration
The cold weather can make the skin very dehydrated. This can result in dull dead skin and erase any leftover summer glow you might still have. One of ways to stop this from happening is to drink plenty of water for hydration. Getting enough water into your body will cleanse your system and hydrate your skin.

Reduce Very Hot Showers/Baths
Hot showers might be pampering and enjoyable, but too many of them can really dry out your skin. So yes, do have hot showers of baths but don’t over do it.

Moisturise Well
After showering or having a bath, try to start your day by moisturising your entire body with a good quality, non greasy lotion. Nourish your skin daily to retain a fresh and dewy look; your moisturiser should be your best friend.

Good Hair Care
During the winter, the hair can often become lank, lifeless, dry or very frizzy. Dry hair can result in frizziness that can make it impossible to manage. Good quality shampoo and conditioner will make your hair easier to manage and give your locks a healthy shine during the cool winter months.

Good Diet
The term you are what you eat is never truer than during the winter. Hot bowls of delicious vegetable soups and Omega 3 rich fish like salmon will do your body a lot of good.

Ultimately, there’s no time better than the present to look after your body. Winters should be enjoyed and not dreaded. So, embrace every season of the year with pleasure and have a blast doing the things you love.

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